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What We Offer Participants

Returning to an active life

New Day is open Monday through Friday; 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM. Flexible attendance options are available.

A safe environment

Safety is a prime concern, and our staff-to-participant ratio of six-to-one helps ensure that participants are supervised and secure throughout the day. The staff is cross-trained to provide personal care and activity leadership and are qualified to respond to a variety of specialized needs.

Full array of social and recreational activities

New Day offers a day of varying social and recreational activities. In addition to traditional activities like arts and crafts, music and exercise and games, New Day also offers Intergenerational activities. By blending activities for adults and children, both age groups acquire an understanding of shared values and respect for individuals at every stage of life.

You can view the Monthly Calendar that includes daily exercise programs, weekly entertainment/parties, crafts and creative arts, discussion groups, poetry, specialized clubs, intergenerational activities, devotions and spiritual activities, holiday events and birthday celebrations under “What’s Happening.”

Delicious and nutritious food

Nutrition is a prime focus at New Day, with a delicious, healthy morning snack, hot lunch, and afternoon refreshment served daily. Special diets and allergies are accommodated. Dining assistance is provided, as needed.



Health Care

New Day’s licensed program nurse and or medication technician provides assistance with medications, medical supervision, a monthly wellness program, as well as coordination with other health and supportive services (e.g. nutrition, therapy, counseling, nursing, etc.).

Personal Care

The experienced staff is able to assist with personal care, including assistance in the bathroom. For an additional fee, New Day is also able to offer personal services: shaving, shower, shampoo and blow dry.

Rehabilitative Services

Many times a participant may need special rehabilitative services, such as physical therapy and speech, New Day will work with you in contracting outside resources to come to New Day or your home to provide the needed service.

Beautiful home-like surroundings

New Day is a premier and innovatively designed intergenerational facility that was purpose-built to provide a much-needed service to the community. The interior arrangements, furnishings and activity areas allow for fun, comfortable peer interaction, and a host of special programs. New Day is bright, cheerful and is your loved one’s home away from home.

Sunday Services

Where You’ll Find Grace

You’re welcome here. Join us to celebrate, to mourn, to give thanks, to ask questions, or to pray. Come as you are.

Traditional Service 8:45 am
Contemporary Service 10:45 am
555 US Highway 1 North
North Palm Beach, FL 33408